20A Metered PDU

Cruxial Server Racks and Cabinets are designed to grow with your needs20 Amp Metered Vertical Rack PDU's

Geist MFG offers the widest variety of options available for power distribution

(Rackmount PDU's fit standard 19" racks, and are available in basic, switched, and metered configurations)

Geist PDU Vertical Rack Power Strips are built to order and ship within 3-5 days 

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Geist 20A Vertical PDU Power Strips

Geist 20A power distribution units (PDU) are rated for 120V and are mounted vertically along the post of a data rack.  Options include 120V receptacle and plug configurations, as well as options for ammeter or power meters, power cord length, or twist-lock plug.

data rack PDU

 Geist VHVBCN202-102D20ST6 pictured.  Click part number below to order

Manufacturer     Plug  
  Length      Receptacles     Amps     Voltage  Power Cord  Price
   Part Number   
Geist 5-20P 66 inches 5-15/20R x 20
20A 120V 10 Foot $417.00 NSVBC200-102S20
Geist 5-20P 39 inches 5-15/20R x 5
20A 120V 10 Foot $389.00 VRTAC100-1025
Geist C20P Inlet
17 inches C13R x 10
20A 120/208V 10 Foot $329.00 BRELCN102-0020/16
Geist 6-20P 66 inches 6-20R x 20
20A 208V 10 Foot $421.00 VHVBCN202-102D20ST6


   Data Rack PDU, 20A Rack Power Strip, Vertical PDU 

Manufacturer Plug Receptacles Amps Voltage Length Price Part Number Qty Add to Cart
Geist C20 C13 x 10 20A 120/208V 10 Foot $284.00 BRELCN102-0020/16
Geist 5-20P 5-15/20R x 10 20A 125V 10 Foot $389.00 VRTAC100-1025
Geist 5-20P 5-15/20R x 20 20A 125V 10 Foot $417.00 NSVBC200-102S20
Geist 6-20P 6-20R x 20 20A 208V 10 Foot $421.00 VHVBCN202-102D20ST6


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